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Friday, August 26, 2005

Another week, another set of orders

Another work week down. My good boss left today, leaving behind only the bad boss. So sad!

A number of new Casey orders came in over the course of this week. I'll be putting those together this weekend.

I'm also working on a men's version.

Also also, I still have to gather all the receipts and expenses from the first run and get a "final" accounting together.

Busy weekend!


Anonymous kcc said...

I got my bracelet today. It's beautiful. It struck me how it looks so delicate, but it's so sturdy. (Rather like Ms. Sheehan herself, no?)

And now people can ask me where I got it, and I can tell them where -- and why.

Thank you again.

8:16 PM

Anonymous Carla said...

Heya, I totally forgot to comment here that my bracelet arrived quite some time ago. In fact I think I was order #2 :)
I love it, and everyone asks me about it.

I'm off to order a NO bracelet as well.

Bless you for doing all of this!

8:14 AM


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