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Monday, August 22, 2005

Cindy's Package is Ready to Go

So, all of the sponsored bracelets and, of course, Cindy's special bracelet (with an extra sterling silver star hanging from the clasp), are packaged up and will be traveling overnight to Crawford.

Along with the bracelets, I have also included the printouts of the Paypal payment pages from the donations that have gone to Gold Star Families for Peace and The Crawford Peace House.

Which brings me to this... more donations!

Tonight I sent another $200 via Paypal to CPH. Gold Star Families for Peace will also get another $200, but they're no longer using Paypal for their donations, so I'll have to get the $200 from my Paypal account before I can then give it to GSFP.

Donation pictures and budget stuff tomorrow, kids. I spent all evening wrestling with my printer. After a year (yes, a year) I finally got the damn HP Deskjet 5850 wireless printer to communicate with Macintosh OSX. Seriously. Google it. Widespread horror stories.

Anyway, I gotta sleep!


Anonymous kcc said...

You've put in a lot of hard work. Sleep well.

(And congratulations on getting the printer to work.)

-- Karen

1:34 AM


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