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Monday, August 29, 2005

Men's Casey Bracelet is Here!

The Men's Casey Bracelet is here and ready to order.

They're $5 more than the original bracelets because material and shipping costs will be greater. This price should still allow us to approach the $10/per bracelet donation to the charities.

I have six Size 8.5 bracelets, and one Size 9.5 bracelet made and ready to ship. After that, the turnaround time will be a little slower on the men's, as they take twice as long to make

Click the images below to order the size you want. (There are no extra small sizes because this design doesn't lend itself well to children's sizes.)

Casey "Men's" Size: 7"

Casey "Men's" Size: 7-1/2" (fits most women)

Casey "Men's" Size: 8"

Casey "Men's" Size: 8-1/2" (fits most men)

Casey "Men's" Size: 9"

Casey "Men's" Size: 9-1/2"

Casey Original Size: 7-3/8"
This is a very thin design with a generous fit. Fits like a comfortable 7-1/2".


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