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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Order list will be updated later today

Ugh, peeps. I got some sort of stomach ickiness (I'm betting on a really mild case of food poisoning, which I seem to get if a microbe even looks at me funny). I've e-mailed in sick to work, so I'll be around on Wednesday. I'll be putting together packages, making more bracelets, and updating the orders list with all the orders that came in Monday night and Tuesday. And, of course, consuming lots of fluids (and maybe not much else).


Anonymous Pandora said...

So sorry you were feeling crappy, hope you are better now. I had something last week and I'm pretty sure it was the Central American organic grapes. Should have washed them, not just wiped them off!

Anyway, I'm totally excited about the bracelet which is probably on it's way. Thank you for doing this.

6:18 PM


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