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Monday, August 29, 2005

Meet Operation Truth and the Red Cross

Now that we've reached the end of Cindy's time in Crawford, ongoing donations will be split between Gold Star Families for Peace (as before) and Operation Truth.

Operation Truth is the largest Iraq war veterans organization, and it is dedicated to telling the truth about the war from the veterans' perspective.

[Many thanks, of course, go to the Crawford Peace House for all the hard work they put in supporting Cindy's Crawford protest. Please bookmark them and remember to send them a few dollars every once in awhile. They've earned it.]

In the wake of the awful devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I would like to propose that the switch to Operation Truth be delayed for a month in favor of making donations to the Red Cross. If anybody has strong objections to sending September's donations to the Red Cross, please let me know.

Men's Casey Bracelet is Here!

The Men's Casey Bracelet is here and ready to order.

They're $5 more than the original bracelets because material and shipping costs will be greater. This price should still allow us to approach the $10/per bracelet donation to the charities.

I have six Size 8.5 bracelets, and one Size 9.5 bracelet made and ready to ship. After that, the turnaround time will be a little slower on the men's, as they take twice as long to make

Click the images below to order the size you want. (There are no extra small sizes because this design doesn't lend itself well to children's sizes.)

Casey "Men's" Size: 7"

Casey "Men's" Size: 7-1/2" (fits most women)

Casey "Men's" Size: 8"

Casey "Men's" Size: 8-1/2" (fits most men)

Casey "Men's" Size: 9"

Casey "Men's" Size: 9-1/2"

Casey Original Size: 7-3/8"
This is a very thin design with a generous fit. Fits like a comfortable 7-1/2".

Making some adjustments

Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Orleans

I'm really worried about the potential disaster facing New Orleans. If the absolute worst happens, would anyone mind very much if I diverted part of the donations for September's orders to relief efforts?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sneak Peak: Men's Casey Bracelet

Due to popular request, I've been working up a "men's" version of the Casey bracelet, though anyone could wear it, of course. It's just a little weightier and less sparkly.

Click for a larger view.

It's goldstone, sodalite, and sterling silver, with a black leather band.

It's not ready for ordering yet. I still need to figure out how much the materials are going to cost, so I can know how to price it. I suspect it will have to be more than the original.

What do you think?

Friday, August 26, 2005

Another week, another set of orders

Another work week down. My good boss left today, leaving behind only the bad boss. So sad!

A number of new Casey orders came in over the course of this week. I'll be putting those together this weekend.

I'm also working on a men's version.

Also also, I still have to gather all the receipts and expenses from the first run and get a "final" accounting together.

Busy weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And then there was today.

Pardon the interruption.

I had to kick my roommate out today for not paying his rent. Not literally. I mean, not even the figurative literal meaning. What I mean is, I informed him in fairly blunt words that he needed to spend this week looking for another apartment because he won't be living in mine come September.

And then I spent the day at work worrying about whether he might be trashing my place or kicking my cats or whatever. And then I came home (cats and place OK) and spent the evening making up flyers to post for a new roommate.

I hate having to be the bad guy. Even though I'm really not the bad guy at all here.

As terrified as I am about how I'm going to pay the rent in September, though, I feel immensely relieved at finally having made the decision to get him out of my home. Who needs to live with that stress?

I think I'm going to sleep pretty well tonight.

Finally got around to adding a permanent link to the Orders page over on the menu to the right. It's updated as of tonight.

Yes, you can still order bracelets

People have been asking if it's still OK to order bracelets, even though we've completed (mostly) the original run of 100.

The answer is "Definitely!"

I'm going to be a little more low-key about it. Not so much publicity. I probably won't devote any more diaries to it at Daily Kos, for example. The pace of the last couple of weeks has been intense. But, I don't mind making more of them at all! If you want one, please go ahead and order one! I will continue to post updates and keep public track of everything as best I can right here.

Also, a quick update:
The entire first run has shipped, including the shipment to Crawford, which I mailed from deep in the heart of Red America today. Did you know the post office does not deliver overnight to Crawford? It really must be in the middle of nowhere!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Cindy's Package is Ready to Go

So, all of the sponsored bracelets and, of course, Cindy's special bracelet (with an extra sterling silver star hanging from the clasp), are packaged up and will be traveling overnight to Crawford.

Along with the bracelets, I have also included the printouts of the Paypal payment pages from the donations that have gone to Gold Star Families for Peace and The Crawford Peace House.

Which brings me to this... more donations!

Tonight I sent another $200 via Paypal to CPH. Gold Star Families for Peace will also get another $200, but they're no longer using Paypal for their donations, so I'll have to get the $200 from my Paypal account before I can then give it to GSFP.

Donation pictures and budget stuff tomorrow, kids. I spent all evening wrestling with my printer. After a year (yes, a year) I finally got the damn HP Deskjet 5850 wireless printer to communicate with Macintosh OSX. Seriously. Google it. Widespread horror stories.

Anyway, I gotta sleep!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

All Ready to Go

All of the remaining bracelets have now been packaged and will be mailed out tomorrow!

Now that I have all that taken care of, I can get back to the business of accounting. I have a number of receipts to document (more supplies, all the shipping, etc.), and add to the total material costs. Once I've done that, I can figure out how much the second set of donations to GSFP and CPH will be and then make the transfer through Paypal (which I will, of course, post here).

This has been a lot of work, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Postal Service Snafu


So, while I was mailing some more packages, I noticed the postal service employee behind the desk was ringing up a price that was significantly different than it was when I mailed the first batch using their automated postal station (basically a kiosk with a scale that weighs your package and spits out a postage sticker).

I asked the clerk about it and she said that the padded envelopes weren't machine readable, so there's an additional fee on them. Of course, it doesn't indicate this anywhere on or in the automated kiosk, nor is there anywhere in the software to allow you to indicate what shape your package is.

The clerk seemed to think that all those packages I mailed using the automated kiosk (the first 20 or so) will either be returned to me, or will arrive COD.

If yours arrives COD, I truly apologize. I put the postage on it that the kiosk said it needed. It shouldn't be more than about 10 cents.

If it gets returned to me, I'll e-mail you and get it back in the mail the next day.

I'll e-mail everyone whose packages went out that day a heads up tomorrow.

Shipping Status Now on Order List

I've added a column to the Order List so you can see which packages have shipped, and which are packaged and ready to go.

Still have to photograph the USPS receipts. When I do, I'll link them to the Shipped column.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Shipping Update

Shipped a whole bunch of packages today, and have some more going out tomorrow.

Will post the receipts with the zip codes tomorrow after work.

Boulder, Colorado

Sheehan Vigil #5
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Another Mother and Son

mom and son
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At the vigil in Thousand Oaks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Vigils

America Stands with Cindy
Originally uploaded by Randal Dean.
Vigils all around the country tonight. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be at the one in Evanston, but I hear it was wonderful. Got good local news coverage, too.

Orders Updated

Orders from Monday night and Tuesday have been added to the list.

We're at 97!

Order list will be updated later today

Ugh, peeps. I got some sort of stomach ickiness (I'm betting on a really mild case of food poisoning, which I seem to get if a microbe even looks at me funny). I've e-mailed in sick to work, so I'll be around on Wednesday. I'll be putting together packages, making more bracelets, and updating the orders list with all the orders that came in Monday night and Tuesday. And, of course, consuming lots of fluids (and maybe not much else).

Monday, August 15, 2005

First Donations Made!

It finally dawned on me tonight that I didn't have to wait for a Paypal transfer to my bank, so that I could write checks and mail them to the Crawford Peace House and Gold Star Families for Peace. Since they both have Paypal donation accounts, I could just do a direct transfer!

So the first set of donations have been made! (Click to see the full-size images.)

$250.00 to the Crawford Peace House:

And $250.00 to Gold Star Families for Peace:

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Back to the workday grind. Won't be around during the day. I'll be around in the evening, though.

As always, you can check to see that your order has been noted here (allowing for some time for me to post it, of course).

Now that we have over 50 orders, I think I may go ahead and write checks to Gold Star Families for Peace and the Crawford Peace House, rather than waiting for all 100 to sell. It'll take a few days to get the money from paypal to my account, but hopefully I can get a check on its way by the end of the week. I'll post a pic of the checks (minus the account info, obviously!). Stay tuned.

America Stands With Cindy Sheehan


The above is a PDF poster for printing and displaying. It was created by NewCon06 over at Daily Kos.

If the above links stops working, you can also download it at these mirrors:


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cindy Sheehan built it and they came

What a beautiful sight.

Order Updates

Just a quick reminder: the orders continue to be updated here (by date, quantity ordered, and zip code of shipping address).

If you want to check to make sure your order has been received (allow a couple of days for it to be posted, since it's not automated), or if you just want to check to see how things are going, head on over.

Casey: Anticipated Cost Breakdown

OK, so now that the bead issue is settled, here's the anticipated cost breakdown.

Imported Bali Sterling Silver Charm: $0.65 from Aylas (receipt | catalog)
Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp: $0.53 from Fire Mountain (receipt | catalog)
2 Sterling Silver 5 mm Soldered Jumprings: $ 0.31 from Fire Mountain (receipt | catalog)
2 Sterling Silver 2x2 mm Crimp Tubes: $ 0.05 from Fire Mountain (receipt)
2 Sterling Silver 3 mm Round Beads: $ 0.22 from Fire Mountain (catalog)
36 Sky Blue Silver-Lined Delica Beads: $ 0.15 from Aylas (price tag)
36 Iridescent Cobalt Delica Beads: $ 0.14 from Aylas (price tag)
12 Iridescent Clear Delica Beads: $ 0.05 from Aylas (price tag)
8 Iris Bronze Dyna-Mite Bugle Beads: $ 0.03 from Fire Mountain (catalog)
12" Accuflex Silver Quality Wire: $0.25 from Fire Mountain (catalog)
Small Poly Ziploc Bag: (I get these @ work, so not allowed to disclose price)
Small Square of Bubble Wrap: ??? (not more than pennies, I'm sure)
Padded Mailer: approx. $ 0.40 (they're actually .52/ea, but won't need one for every bracelet) (receipt)
Postage to Mail Out: ??? (I anticipate something in the $1.29 area.)
Share of Postage for Supplies: ??? (Still need to figure this out.)

So, for as much as I've figured out so far, we're looking at $2.38 per bracelet cost (not bad!) plus to-be-determined costs associated with shipping, which will probably be about as much... basically about what I'd expected.

(I'll add in links to Fire Mountain, Aylas, and pictures of receipts and stuff later.)

Update: I was adding in links and Fire Mountain's site crashed, so I'll finish up tomorrow.

Update II: OK, other stuff added in now, including the padded mailers I picked up at OfficeMax today.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Casey: Production Begins!

So I located some better beads today. The color is ever so slightly different, but the quality of the beads is much, much higher. They are also more expensive (and smaller, so I have to use more of them), but the cost per bracelet is still less fifty cents. I also picked up another 20 charms (imported sterling silver leaves from Bali). And some more sturdy jumprings and clasps are on their way. ... and we're off!


Morning, all. I'm going to try to get in a quick trip to a bead supplier today to see if I can't get my hands on some better beads for not much more money. I also anticipate that my good wire will arrive in the mail today, so I can begin working this evening. I also hope to get the list of material costs and links to online sources up tonight.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Long Day

It's been a long day and I need to sleep.

If you're just joining us from a Daily Kos link (or anywhere else, for that matter), you may want to check out this explanation of what's going on around here.

'Night all!

Sponsoring a Bracelet

Got an order this morning that sponsors a bracelet to send down to the Crawford Peace House (where they can "sell" it for donations, or give it to someone, etc.).

Excellent idea!

There is a comments box on the Paypal payment page. If you'd like to sponsor a bracelet's trip to Crawford, just note it in the comments.

I'll package 'em all up and send them together.

OK, I'm off.

May not be around Thursday

I'll be at an all-day seminar for my job on Thursday and won't be home until 8:30 pm or so.

Hotel may have wi-fi though, so I'll drag my laptop with me just in case.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Let the documentation begin! Below is a list of orders by date and zip code. This list will be maintained in this post (so the URL will stay stable). If you don't see what looks like your order within a couple of days of placing it, feel free to give me a prod in e-mail to make sure I haven't overlooked it. Update: Well, shoot... It looks like Blogger kind of chokes on tables. Sorry for all the unnecessary scroll. I'll have to come up with some other way of formatting this thing. Tomorrow. I have to sleep now! Update: Argh. Fixed the table problem and broke every other line break on the page! Sorry, folks. I'll get it fixed as soon as I get a chance.
Date Qty. Zip  
8/10/05 1 08540 Shipped
8/10/05 1 13045 Shipped
8/10/05 1 78704 Shipped
8/10/05 1 32563 Shipped
8/10/05 1 56360 Shipped
8/10/05 1 98201 Shipped
8/10/05 1 98665 Shipped
8/10/05 1 94022 Shipped
8/10/05 1 59403 Shipped
8/10/05 1 02332 Shipped
8/10/05 1 92054 Shipped
8/10/05 1 04252 Shipped
8/10/05 1 60031 Shipped

8/11/05 2 20769 Shipped

8/12/05 2 01701 Shipped

8/13/05 1 43235 Shipped
8/13/05 6 92064 Shipped
8/13/05 2 21666 Shipped
8/13/05 1 49068 Shipped
8/13/05 2 91505 Shipped
8/13/05 1 10014 Shipped
8/13/05 5 11201 Shipped
8/13/05 2 60559 Shipped
8/13/05 2 48192 (78552) Shipped
8/13/05 2 01880 Shipped
8/13/05 2 01844 Shipped
8/13/05 1 97321 Shipped
8/13/05 1 78759 Shipped
8/13/05 1 02888 Shipped

8/14/05 3 77027 Shipped
8/14/05 1 32277 Shipped
8/14/05 1 49113 Shipped
8/14/05 1 21015 Shipped
8/14/05 1 20910 Shipped
8/14/05 1 78748 Shipped
8/14/05 1 25571 Shipped
8/14/05 1 85236 Shipped
8/14/05 1 87122 Shipped

8/15/05 2 91356 Shipped
8/15/05 1 15101 Shipped
8/15/05 1 93063 Shipped
8/15/05 1 74401 Shipped
8/15/05 1 21045 Shipped
8/15/05 1 95451 Shipped
8/15/05 4 23805 Shipped
8/15/05 1 53711 Shipped
8/15/05 1 75961 Shipped
8/15/05 1 30011 Shipped

8/16/05 1 70506 Shipped
8/16/05 2 91403 Shipped
8/16/05 3 97212 Shipped
8/16/05 1 98125 Shipped
8/16/05 1 55397 Shipped
8/16/05 1 06478 Shipped
8/16/05 2 72342 Shipped
8/16/05 2 50010 Shipped
8/16/05 1 25302 Shipped
8/16/05 1 15057 Shipped
8/16/05 2 14513 Shipped
8/16/05 1 53045 Shipped
8/16/05 1 34668 Shipped
8/16/05 3 80020 Shipped
8/16/05 1 49048 Shipped
8/16/05 1 33896 Shipped
8/16/05 1 74137 Shipped
8/16/05 1 30030 Shipped

8/22/05 1 38305 Shipped

8/23/05 1 60031 Shipped
8/23/05 1 35401 Shipped
8/23/05 1 44035 Shipped
8/23/05 1 44035 Shipped

8/24/05 2 12433 Shipped

8/25/05 1 98023 Shipped

8/26/05 1 83854 Shipped
8/26/05 1 60544 Shipped
8/26/05 1 63109 Shipped
8/26/05 1 78749 Shipped
8/26/05 1 76110 Shipped
8/26/05 1 56482 Shipped
8/26/05 2 50323 Shipped
8/26/05 1 37919 Shipped
8/26/05 1 98023 Shipped
8/26/05 4 48192 (48180/48164/48138) Shipped

8/27/05 1 20170 Shipped
8/27/05 1 64024 Shipped
8/27/05 1 54449 Shipped

8/29/05 1 64116 Shipped

8/30/05 1 77027 Shipped
8/30/05 1 01915 Shipped
8/30/05 1 01915 Shipped
8/30/05 1 06511 Shipped
8/30/05 1 06460 Shipped

8/31/05 2 21666  
8/31/05 1 19072 Shipped
8/31/05 1 97218 Shipped

9/1/05 1 75218 Shipped
9/1/05 1 59828 Shipped

9/2/05 1 78259 Shipped
9/2/05 1 91789 Shipped
9/2/05 1 54449 Shipped

9/3/05 1 98056 Shipped
9/3/05 1 93953 Shipped
9/3/05 1 25705 Shipped
9/3/05 1 48080 Shipped
9/3/05 1 48080 Shipped
9/3/05 1 01089 Shipped
9/3/05 3 92243 Shipped
9/3/05 1 06905 Shipped
9/3/05 1 07922 Shipped
9/3/05 1 15101 Shipped
9/3/05 1 98115 Shipped
9/3/05 1 59403 Shipped

9/4/05 1 10036 Shipped
9/4/05 1 02332 Shipped
9/4/05 2 02332 Shipped
9/4/05 1 90026 Shipped
9/4/05 1 47711 Shipped

9/5/05 2 77027 Shipped
9/5/05 1 20910 Shipped
9/5/05 1 30011 Shipped
9/5/05 1 13045 Shipped
9/5/05 1 80033 Shipped

9/6/05 1 27889 Shipped
9/6/05 2 21804 Shipped
9/6/05 3 74132 Shipped
9/6/05 2 74132 Shipped

9/7/05 4 30076 Shipped
9/7/05 1 02468 Shipped

9/8/05 1 89128 Shipped
9/8/05 1 89128 Shipped
9/8/05 2 48197 Shipped

9/10/05 1 44870 Shipped

9/11/05 2 75961 Packaged
9/11/05 1 75961 Packaged
9/11/05 1 20008 Packaged

9/16/05 3 06511 Packaged

9/18/05 1 20895 Packaged
9/18/05 1 92604 Packaged

9/19/05 2 28205  

9/20/05 1 02653  
9/20/05 1 30011  

Sidebar Image

Yeah, it's too big, I know. I'll edit it tomorrow. Pants need sleep. Update: Fixed.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Honoring Casey and Cindy Sheehan

Broke and frustrated last night, wishing I could get to Crawford, wishing I had the cash to send to the Crawford Peace House for supplies, wishing there were something I could do other than hit "Refresh" at Daily Kos, I turned to my own hands and made this:
"Casey": Sterling Silver with Blue, Bronze, and Silver Glass (wire-strung)
The Casey bracelet was originally designed simply as an outlet for me. I intended to wear it every day the President refused to talk to Cindy Sheehan (I'm wearing it now), even if, perhaps, I'm still wearing it in January of 2009. When I mentioned it at Daily Kos, however, several people were eager to buy one for themselves, both to honor Cindy's current struggle, and to honor all of our continuing struggles to uncover the truth, save lives, and reclaim an America we seem to have lost. Not comfortable with making money off of the Sheehan's loss, I initially said no, but after some thinking, and some cost calculation, and some prodding from Kossacks, I've come up with this solution:
My goal is to use this space to allow people to order a Casey bracelet, knowing that every bit of the profit is distributed to Gold Star Families for Peace* and the Crawford Peace House*. [Update: Should a legal defense fund become necessary for Cindy and her supporters in Crawford (and it looks like a real possibility at this point), the donations will go there as well.] To offer this sort of transparancy, I will be doing my best to document everything here on this blog: costs/receipts, orders (anonymized for privacy, of course), and payments made to GSFP and CPH. I should be able to produce an intial run of 100 bracelets for a material and shipping cost of just under $5/bracelet. That means each Casey bracelet sold for $15 should result in $10 or more going directly to GSFP and CPH. (But, you can keep track with me!) Payment can be made with Paypal. I will do my best to send an acknowledgement of the order as soon as possible (understand that I have a day job, though). Each bracelet is made to order by hand, so your patience is appreciated. Tomorrow evening I will post my anticipated cost calculations and links to the online catalogs where I purchase my supplies so you can see exactly how much I'm spending. ** Gold Star Families for Peace is Cindy Sheehan's organization. Here is their mission statement:
We as families of soldiers who have died as a result of war (primarily, but not limited to the invasion/occupation of Iraq) are organizing to be a positive force in our world to bring our country’s sons and daughters home from Iraq, to minimize the “human cost” of this war, and to prevent other families from the pain we are feeling as the result of our losses. We are also hoping to be lifetime support for each other through our losses.
The Crawford Peace House is a small but mighty peace-advocacy organization in the President's "backyard" in Crawford, Texas. They have been instrumental in helping Cindy and her supporters with their August standoff.

Tuesday Dumbassblogging

Poison is so awesome
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Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Drunkblogging

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday Burgerblogging

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